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As one of the top marketing firms in San Diego, we have partnered with the Escondido Chamber of Commerce to shake up the local business market in more ways than one. Endorsed by the Mayor- Mr. Sam Abed, We strongly believe that we can help stimulate growth in the economy by helping you grow your business.  We have assembled the top talent to take you to the next level fast as an all inclusive one-stop-shop!  There’s not anything we can’t get done when it comes to the digital side of your business, but more importantly through our services and events we’re going to teach you everything we know, we’ve tested and we’ve proven so that you can maintain sustainability and grow like crazy.  Our goal is to help you discover what’s missing, correct what you know is missing and stop putting off everything you know you have been for such a long time. Now is the time to take action and we’re here to make your learning curve short and sweet with long and lasting RESULTS!  We have been waiting for you and we’re ready… are YOU?

Who Is DotCom San Diego

Our mission is simple to use our expertise and know-how to assist small businesses, helping them to grow, survive and thrive in today’s challenging economy.  
A lot of local businesses nowadays are struggling and we believe it’s because their online strategy is not only out of date but nearly non existant!  We are here to change all that. 
We rock your world and get you more customers, streamline your business systems online, make you look like the king of the castle in your niche and to your competition or you don’t pay.
We strongly believe that marketing should yield a return or else it’s not doing its job.  What we build gets ROI period!

Our Crazy Skills

Internet Strategy 100
Online Marketing 100
Conversion Optimization 100
New Customer Acquisition 100


Greg Writer (Master Marketer)

As the youngest individual to own and operate an investment banking firm at the age of 21, Greg Writer has had over 30 years of experience in capital formation, mergers, acquisitions, and millions of dollars raised for companies such as Home Shopping Network, Go Video and many more. With his experience in the financial world he has been able to successfully fund and support hundreds of entrepreneurs and their companies.

As a marketing expert, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and CEO of a handful of companies, Greg is dedicated to educating and protecting young children online while teaching them the fundamentals of money and finance.

Greg has been fortunate enough to have experienced the endorsements of over 40 celebrities, and has done deals with companies such as DreamWorks, Miss America, and the National Center for Crime Prevention. One of his most recent accomplishments is partnership with music artist Master P and his daughter Cymphonique Miller, who is the newest teen superstar on Nickelodeon. As the spokesperson for Greg’s company Club TUKI, Cymphonique will bring millions of children to his brand with her amazing new show, How To Rock, which currently holds the number one spot on cable for kids television.

Greg has been happily married for 26 years and is gifted with 5 incredible children.

As a man who lives every day with an attitude of gratitude, his passion is to share his knowledge and wisdom with the world to help inspire, motivate and educate everyone he comes in contact with.


Jim Orr (Master Marketer)

After many years working in the corporate world as a technical standout started out looking for ways to make money online since around 2003 while still working a regular 9 to 5 type of job. My first true profitable online business came a few years later when I set up a website that sold Airblown Inflatables.

I sold off that site after a few years and really made my mark selling goods on eBay. I got so good at it I actually taught classes on the art of buying and selling on eBay. At the time I started doing this there were thousands of Independent Educational Specialist teaching eBay courses but less than 25 had actually achieved the goal of becoming a Certified Educational Specialist. In less then six months from the time I started teaching my first class I was awarded this certification. By far the fastest anyone had ever reached this mark.

It was soon after that I started following the teachings of Jim Cockrum on the Internet who is one of the giants of Internet Marketing. He later became my mentor and soon after that we became the best of friends and Business Partners on many joint ventures.

Later through Jim I met up with Mike Koenigs who is the pioneer of what is now called Web Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing. It was though Mike that I learned how to use many of the   tools in this industry and get the most most out of them.  I helped Mike build and market two sites  for Internet Marketers called Traffic Geyser which is used for Video Marketing and later on opened another called Instant Customer which is used for Mobile Marketing.

I helped start up a Certified Coaching program for both Internet Marketers and those trying to learn the trade to implement in their own business. This gave me the opportunity to speak to dozens of different business owners and entrepreneurs around the world and helped them become successful with their online marketing. As that got rolling I later moved into the position of running the support desk. Then moved out of that and into a more direct say in the features and designs that go into both Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer.

During much of this time I was also a main panelist on a weekly webinar (kind of like an Internet radio show) where we talk about Internet Marketing strategies. It has a fairly decent following as these things go and was regularly attended by anywhere from 100 to 400 people worldwide.

Came over from my own company O’House OnLine and joined forces with Greg Writer in early 2013 to form DotCom San Diego and become one of the most experienced Marketing tandems found anywhere.


Aaron Kay (Master Marketer)

Aaron has more than a decade of experience online and has built and maintained several profitable websites over the years. He decided to take his skills offline to help local businesses by creating his SEO Company in Indianapolis. After moving to the San Diego area he decided to join the team at DotCom San Diego

Aaron is passionate about helping companies expand their business and increase their overall profits. Aaron firmly believes in the fact that if you help others succeed you will succeed as well.

We have Assembled An Extensive Team of Experts In The Following Areas:

  • Direct Response Web Marketing
  • Website Design/Programming
  • Online Sales and Marketing Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Lead Generation Systems
  • Paid Traffic Strategies and Management
  • E-mail Marketing Systems
  • Shopping Cart Systems
  • Affiliate Marketing Systems
  • CRM/Customer Database Systems
  • Graphic Design
  • Hosting and Domains
  • Web Development and CMS Systems
  • Video Production and Editing
  • PR, Article Marketing and Blog Posting
  • Social Media and SEO
  • Mobile Marketing, Sites and Apps
  • Retention Strategies
  • Analytics and Metrics Management
  • Offer Creation
  • And Much More!
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